5/18   “Proof” hosts musicians Matt Krahula, Jake Staron, Jenuine Leigh, and Dominic Carlos 6:30pm — all-star lineup of four of our favorites!!!

5/20  Kids Art with Miss Nadia 9:30, 11:00

5/21   Live Music by Jenuine Leigh by the Mural 11:00am

5/27  Kids Art with Miss Nadia

5/28  Flash by TY — 10 spots, see her page here.

5/28   Final day of operations for the Sunset Café

5/29   Memorial Day

JUNE MUSIC and ART on HOLD while we transition the café space.

Early JULY  —  Soft Opening of the brand new Lilikoi Kitchen!!

—–FUN WE’VE ALREADY HAD in 2023…—–

1/6 Grand Opening of the Sunset Cafe at The Collective, 9:00am!  Musical performance on the lanai by Rebecca James at 11:00am.

1/7 Sunset Cafe — Day Two 9:00am – 3:00pm.  New Years Kids Art with Miss Nadia 9:30am and 11:00am.  Link here

1/8 Sunset Cafe — Day Three 9:00am – 3:00pm.  Live Music by Jack Forster 11:00am.  Lokahi Kailua Market kicks off the new year.

1/13 FRIDAY THE 13th FLASH — 10am until 10pm.  Extended cafe hours.  Live music 3:30-8:00 by the Emotional Support Animals and the Toby’s featuring Lilia.  

1/15 Lokahi Kailua Market.  Live Music at The Collective by Jenuine Leigh 10:30a

1/21  Kids Art Class with Miss Nadia — on our lanai 9:30 and 11:00.  

1/22  Live Music by Dominic Carlos 10:30am — make plans to come enjoy the sounds!  Sunset Cafe full menu available!             Lokahi Kailua Market begins at 9:00am.

1/27-1/29  Star of Texas Tattoo Convention — Lisa appearing at this event in Austin, Texas.

1/29  Lokahi Kailua Market 9:00am-2:00pm

2/4  Kids Art with Miss Nadia — Link Here

2/5   Lokahi Kailua Market 9am-1pm.

2/11  Aloha Home Market 9am-2pm.  Live Music by Megan Aho and Friends 10:00am – Noon.  Read more about MEGAN AHO in the Hanahou Magazine aboard Hawaiian Airlines flights!

2/12  Lokahi Kailua Market 9am-1pm.  Start your Super Bowl Sunday off with Healthy Grinds from the SUNSET CAFE at The Collective, and enjoy Live Music by Kailua born and raised artist, Rebecca James 10:00am

2/19  Lokahi Kailua Market 9am-1pm.  Live Music by Jenuine Leigh 11:00a

2/25  Kids Art with Miss Nadia — Link Here

2/25-26  Tattoo Artist Ty hosts her Flash Weekend — details at @tylandia.art

2/26  Lokahi Kailua Market.  Live Music at The Collective by recording artist Matt Krahula!!  11:00a

3/4   Kids Art with Miss Nadia — Link Here

3/5  Double Market Day  — Live Music at The Mural 10:00am by Megan Aho and Friends   

  • —   Aloha Home Market at 340 Uluniu barn.  9am-2pm
  • —   Lokahi Kailua Market at 25 Maluniu barn.  9am-1pm  Yee Haw!

3/25 Kids Art with Miss Nadia

3/26 Live Music by Kailua’s own Dominic Carlos 11a

Easter Sunday Spectacular @ Lokahi Kailua Market

April 15 Kids Art with Miss Nadia

April 16 Live Music by Jenuine Leigh

April 22 Kids Art with Miss Nadia

April 23 Live Music by Rebecca James

April 29-30  Flash Tattoos with “Ty”

April 29 Kids Art with Miss Nadia