Instagram:  @fabiommauro and also see Fabio and Florencia’s IG account:  @bagtattoostudio

Guest Artist Dates: June-August 2019 & January-March 2020  & RETURNING DECEMBER 2020

A short bio:
“I’m Fabio Mauro, Argentinian tattooist and visual artist.  I’m 29 years old, I draw since I’m 2 years old and I have 8 years tattooing. My artistic education is about drawing, design, composition, animation, illustration and painting.  My style is very personal and versatile, mix some of realism with illustration and abstract composition like geometries. Most of them are organic things, human figures, animals, vegetation and landscapes.  All my artwork is improvised at the moment that client arrives.  I use techniques like freehand, freemachine and alla prima painting.  I try to improve myself each day enjoying and connecting with art.”  –F.M.

My work: