Live Music Performances by the Mural!

November 26th Black Friday Edition – Debut of jazz guitarist CHRIS CENATIEMPO 

November 28th – HANALE BISHOP (@hanalebishop) nobody more down to Earth!

December 5th – KAPU (@kalani.kapu) opens up at 9:30am or so for TRISHNALEI (@ikeepontroddin), both of whom you really should come listen to!   #fortickleyourears!

December 12th – 9:30am cruise session with Chris and David’s jazz, followed at 11:15am by DNA_MUSE (@dna_muse) musical superstars, blowing minds!!

December 19th – JENUINE LEIGH (@jenuine_leigh_jams) soul, soul, soul!

For more information or to recommend a musician, please send DM to @thecollectivekailuacafe

[[MURAL completed in February 2020 by Flor and Fabio of Azul, Argentina.  We’re leaving it up because it’s awesome and, well, 2020 wasn’t.  It didn’t derail us from our dreams and it certainly didn’t stop the music.  Bring yourself to The Collective Mural to hear these wonderfully talented people play music for you.  FOR YOU!!!]]