The Collective has been teaming with small businesses.  Here is another tasty example!

  • The Collective serves as the licensed support kitchen for MY BALLS KAILUA (MBK).
  • MBK debuted on our lanai on June 28, 2020, and has taken over the town.
  • Serving take-out pre-orders on Tuesday afternoons around quittin’ time from The Collective!
  • On other Sundays you will find them at Lokahi Kailua Market (@lokahi_kailua_market)

  • If you have never had My Balls from MBK, you are missing out.  This family recipe for meatballs and gravy, sold in pairs, half-dozen, and full dozen, has sold out every weekend.
  • Pre-orders are highly recommended !!!   Find out how at
  • See the website, see the market booth, see the LIGHT!
  • Instagram @myballskailua
  • Facebook @tastemyballs