A few weeks after we opened the business, we were approached about hosting a sort of variety show and dinner theater event in the cafe space.  At the time, we had the platform stage, and furniture, and had hosted 2 or 3 of the early comedy night events, but it was certainly a stretch to think we could host a full-on dinner and a full-on show.  We agreed, however, and had the good sense to step aside, letting the professionals take over.

Suddenly a functioning stage apparatus was erected over the platform, a menu was created, promotional efforts commenced, and tickets were sold.  Within a few days of agreeing to host the event, the Dolce Cabaret was sold out, and a small new cafe and tattoo shop was actually hosting a musical and culinary circus.  With extensive credit to Miss Stella Rose and friends, The Dolce Cabaret was held on March 30th, 2019 — and it was simply unforgettable.

For our staff, the performers, and the 30+ fortunate guests, it was a night filled with incredible musical numbers, delicious cuisine, poetry and theater art.  It is difficult to come up with words to describe the amount of preparation, planning, teamwork, and talent that the Dolce Cabaret crew delivered.  We only wished we had another 50 seats!  The Dolce Cabaret earned a unique place not only in our history, but in the memoirs of Kailua as well.