People we know who are in business, just like us:  

Tattoo Supply  ————-  Double H Supply           ///   Steve //

Handyman       ————-   Adrian Mueller             ///    Kimo // 808-263-4202

Lagree Fitness   ———–   KOMO Hawaii             ///     Joy  //  808-691-9161

Plumbing          ————-   Dan Does Plumbing    ///    Dan // 808-298-4041

Home Inspection  ———   Paulele Inspections     ///    Alberto // 808-349-5129

Electrician        ————-   Richard Wolff              ///    Richie // 808-330-6790

Awnings            ————-    Tropical J’s                 ///     Diego //  808-848-0888

Self-Protection  ————    Azariah May Foundation /// Marcques // 808-913-0907


Disclaimer: The Collective’s Business Friends businesses are not part of The Collective Gallery, LLC and do not receive any commission, payment or compensation for being part of our website.  This collection of friends is simply an informational resource for our clients to compare with other business that have the same products or services.  The Collective Gallery, LLC neither endorses nor carries affiliation with any of the businesses listed here.  This is just a shout out to local friends we know and want to support.