The Collective is a custom tattoo shop in Kailua that feeds your ink habit, while offering guests a cozy lounge setting, vibrant gallery art, and a delightful cafe — all-in-one.  We are all about ART— inside our tattoo studio, throughout the gallery space, and within our cafe.  

The Collective tattoo studio features local artists and welcomes guest artists from around the world, offering clients a wide range of tattooing styles including full-color, black and gray, realism, tattoo cover-ups, and fine-line.  Customer comfort is a top priority, with the most comfortable tattoo client chairs on the market at every station.  Hours of operation are per appointments scheduled with the artist.

At The Collective, we strive to ensure a friendly atmosphere and welcoming environment for customers and clients, and to operate a special, one-of-a-kind business just right for Kailua.  Follow our Instagram pages:  Tattoo:  @thecollectivekailua   Cafe:  @thecollectivekailuacafe