The Collective is very excited to host Nadia Richards and child-students (ages 5-10) who sign up for her art class.  This make-and-take art class keeps us young, and fulfills our pledge to be all about art.

How can your child be part of this experience?  A small fee covers art instruction & supplies.  Freetime for parents in our lounge — Priceless!

Targeted class size is 4 children, and the smile sizes are huge!  The classes consistently fill up, so we recommend contacting Nadia using the e-form below, in order to declare your intent to join us.

See Nadia on Instagram @octopus_underground_art, and see her cards and flyers at the cafe’.  For more information about Nadia’s passion for art, and super-great skills teaching children, please visit or email Nadia directly at

Notes from Nadia:

“1.  Class will likely be held outside.  The Collective has an awesome purple awning for shade, but please bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.

2.  Please wear a mask.  We all want to be as safe as possible.  

3.  If your child is experiencing any symptoms, or has come in contact with anyone with symptoms, please stay home and rest up.  Don’t worry about canceling last minute.  If you pay in advance I will always refund you.  

4.  Let’s do our best to keep our hands clean.  Kids will be encouraged to wash their hands before and after class (either using the bathroom in The Collective or hand sanitizer).  

5.  Class sizes will be limited to four kids.

6.  To go along with limited spots, I won’t be able to accept drop in students.  Please sign up by the Friday night before class. 

7.  To limit contact between students I will be creating individual bags with art supplies for the kids to use during class.  The intention is that kids will have everything they need for the project in their bag and they won’t be touching other people’s supplies or projects.  At the end of class I will provide disinfectant wipes so supplies can be wiped down (parents are always welcome to help with this process).  

Our Calendar page will indicate when Saturday sessions will not be held.

Contact Miss Nadia

  • Tell Nadia which days you would like to attend.
  • Tell Nadia how to best reply to you via email.
  • Tell Nadia how to reach you via text.