APR 6, 2023

We are searching for a new cafe operation, as the incredible Sunset Cafe team are relocating to live elsewhere, and will be closing down in the coming weeks. All involved are grateful for our partnership!! It has been a mutually beneficial, friendly, and delicious business relationship.

We are continuing our music program but are equally interested in welcoming other talented performers: hula, martial arts, dance, comedians (clean acts only please) and welcome vendors to hold pop-ups on our lanai from time to time — especially new businesses looking for a jumpstart in public visibility. Show up with your cello, bring your guitar, etc.

We’re very proud of the growth of the business, and the expansion of the careers of all the tattoo artists. We continue to foster the concept of MUDITA — a sanskrit word meaning approximately “the deriving of happiness from the success of others”. We root for each other in our shop, and this carries over to the business neighbors around us and across the windward side. Business is hard. We want everyone to succeed. That’s the vibe of The Collective.

Be nice to each other. 🙂