APRIL 7, 2022

Spring has sprung, and we are lined up for a great season of action at The Collective. The “Live Music at The Mural” series been going strong since October 2020, and we continue to feature the same friendly service across all parts of the business. We are hiring

The tattoo shop has added Jamie Hidaro as a full-time artist, and has an incredible array of artists coming to guest during the next 4 months. We are hiring full-time artists as of this posting, and are looking forward to our FULL-SPEED, BIG-TIME FRIDAY THE 13TH FLASH next month! Friday the 13th comes one time in 2022, and we’re ready for it. 10 artists, 12 hours, and YOU! We’ll put up the eventbrite link on April 30th!

All for now. Be nice to yourself and others.