FEBRUARY 16, 2022

At last, a minute to send a letter to all of you dedicated followers. The new Suite is rocking, with an 8-foot mural by Fabio Mauro and Flor Lasarte (image), gallery art created by and curated by Bethany Georges, and all the new chairs, workbenches, lights and trimmings lugged home and set-up by yours truly. The space is enabling us to continue to host guest artists as well as ensure our crew has the space they need to thrive. I’ve described the new space as “risk expansion, not cocky expansion” — we aren’t sure that growing to 10 artists is going to ultimately work, but owing to the immense talent and work ethic of our current crew, we’re optimistic thus far.

We’ve kept rolling with weekend art and music on the sidewalk. Miss Nadia’s Art crew has brought smiles on Saturday, while moms and dads enjoy actual conversations with one another! The weeks ahead feature Jenuine Leigh, Kalanikapu Copp, Matt Krahula, and Megan Aho, as we head toward Spring Break. If there’s market action at the parking lot structure (every Sunday, some Saturdays), then we’re doing live music. It is one of the nicest places to sit and enjoy great musicians, so I hope you make your way to our place sometime soon.

Thanks for supporting small business in any way you can!