January 15, 2021

The Collective is making changes to improve our business’s survivability. Next week we intend to add a big, long, purple awning to the lanai, in order to provide a more reliably weather-protected space. The awning will retract in the event of excessive rains or winds, but on most beautiful Hawaii days, you’ll be able to cruise with a more consistent covering. This is being done as we have to move away from indoor dining. As a result, we’re expanding the tattoo shop into the “living room” area, and making room for more artists. In the next couple of weeks we’ll finish plans and execute another remodeling that will likely bring the floorplan to its final state of being.

Looking ahead to the next Aloha Home Market on January 24th, we will again bring you live music on the lanai. We’re welcoming back friends who came and played in 2020: Jen Blevins starts at 9:30am, and she will be followed by DNA_MUSE. Follow these musicians (@jenuine_leigh_jams)(@dna_muse) and come relax out in front of The Collective. Even though someone calls HPD every time we do this, we aren’t going to relent. This store is about art in its many forms — and so we’re going to bring you live music. In addition, Fabio Mauro will amaze you with another of his magical live paintings as well.

Be Happy. Love Your People.