SEPTEMBER 29, 2023

During a calendar quarter with a LOT of traveling by nearly every one of our artists, we are back in the saddle. Several artists got an opportunity to get to some conventions and some mainland guest spots. We managed to find time to continue to remodel and paint the interior, help Lilikoi Kitchen accomplish a successful Grand Opening, achieve this shiny new website overhaul, and host a Children's Business Fair (last Sunday). This weekend, Carly will be a special guest at Ty's next monthly flash session, and we have our 5th installment of shop-wide FLASH TATTOOS happening on Friday October 13th!

Today we got to work on an upcoming feature in GoKailua Magazine, with a visit from the photographer, and we're finishing our inputs for the article which should release in December. We were featured way back in the December 2019 issue, which seems like a LOOONNNGGG time ago.

Please visit the new and in-progress "History of The Collective" page for some fun reminiscing to our origins and early days of operation. We'll continue to fill that page with more memories, such as shop parties, flash events, BINGO nights, and live music. Shown here is Tihoti's Birthday Party in April 2019.