JAN 5, 2023

We enjoyed hosting Liilii Donuts from May to December 2022, and wish Travis and Erika every success in their future ventures. The cafe begins anew, again, tomorrow. We welcome Jo and Rod, who are bringing their loyal following from their Sunset Bowls Hawaii food truck operation to The Collective. Introducing the SUNSET CAFE with its grand opening weekend now upon us.

We haven’t stopped offering complimentary live music for the general public during our events as well as any of the market days across the street. Please see our 2023 lineup and a list of the performers who helped showcase our business in 2022. We are deep into our third year of giving musicians a quaint spot to play, to try new material, to connect with the public, and to perpetuate our commitment to art.

The Collective has contracted back into a single space, as we conceded the second suite in September 2022. Camaraderie in the shop has reached new heights as the artists work together in the “old tea shop”. Each of the artists is growing and improving and expanding, and we’ve enjoyed being able to host their dreams and possibilities.

Having enjoyed the opportunity to host three previous Flash Tattoo events, we are at it again on Friday January 13th, with another Friday the Thirteenth Flash event. These have been very fun and also afford us the chance to partner with local businesses, rewarding each client with a goody bag of items that keep people connected to small businesses in the area. Read more about the upcoming flash event here. And come say hello to our new tattoo area manager Amelia next time you’re in. Amelia will be helping clients and artists with the business side of things as well as setting up consults and walk-in opportunities.

Remember: What you pay attention to becomes your life.