June 30, 2021

Officially 2 and a HALF years into this store, so happy 2.5-th! Everybody’s been through a lot so you don’t need me telling you our story. We’re moving forward. We’re about now and what’s next. This means we are focused on steadiness and consistency in the cafe’, our blossoming Sunday music scene, and the tattoo shop flow.

  • In the Cafe we’ve become steady providers of the most incredible breakfast burritos and calzones in town. One Love Bakery has been nailing it — we’d put these up against any BB in town for value and quality. Additionally, we’ve welcomed Skyler and Tonia to our cafe team as we expand hours in July to 8am-4pm daily.
  • The SUNDAY MUSIC SCENE is taking off. I never promise the musicians that people will gather en masse to hear them play. But as the weeks go by, more and more patrons of the Lokahi Kailua Market are stopping by to see what’s up, and hear what’s up. I’m hopeful that as this remains a steady, predictable music venue, people will come by as regulars. See the lineup I’ve put together into September here.
  • Tattoos. Yes. Next week we add a 6th full-time artist to our group, as @johnyxart moves here from Salt Lake City. See our tattoo artists page here. Lisa, Carly, and all three of our apprentices are firing along with books full into August or beyond. You’ve probably found our tattoo shop’s IG page by now, but it’s linked here.

June of 2021 taught us a lot about life and about perspective. We’re endeavoring to continue to be a positive small business adding positive vibes and friendliness to an incredible town on a gorgeous island in the middle of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Hope to see you soon.