MAY 4, 2022

Early May has often been an eventful season of change at The Collective. In 2019 we changed our food menu completely. In 2020 we remodeled the kitchen and grew the tattoo shop. In 2021 we added a sixth tattooist and started to feel the need for more space. This year, 2022, we are going to make another change. During the weeks ahead, we are going to hand over the cafe this month, by welcoming Li’ili’i Donuts into the space. Travis and Erika will be familiar to many of our customers as their business has often been a staple at neighboring markets. We have been their support kitchen since October of 2021, and when their desire for a storefront met our desire to outsource cafe operations, … Voila! We will be aggressive on Instagram and with signage as the transition takes place. This has been something we have wanted to do for a while, but we are very protective of our business and brand — we were not going to hand the kitchen over to anyone — Li’ili’i Donuts is a perfect fit and so we’re going for it! However…not before we execute Flash Friday —>>

Flash Friday May 13th is nearly sold out! In addition to the fun times we’ll have that day, we have three awesome live music acts lined up from Noon to 8pm, and we are partnering with neighbor businesses to sweeten the pot for the Flash clients, and collaborate to keep business in the Uluniu Street vicinity. More about this collaboration in the weeks ahead.

There is an octopus under the building. Chip Fasciana has been bringing the giant tako to life and will complete it this Mothers’ Day weekend!

Be nice to each other. You never know what people are going through. 🙂