October 25, we all know what year it is…

Yesterday, the Earth resumed rotating on its axis, the sun was shining, people were out together, and it felt like the good old days. Probably at some point, we passed within illegal distances of each other, but when you have 11 socially-distant people in line for coffee, there is likely to be some flirtation with disaster. Alas, we fight on as a society, normalizing, caffeinating, adding body art, and enjoying the menu of festivities we offered on Saturday. Duncan landed a wonderful booking of @flohimusic for 75 minutes of majestic vocals and original music from Connor and Lou. Our friend Julia hosted her wonderful creations of macrame and brass jewelry, and we teamed with the vibrant @alohahomemarket to shake up Uluniu Street. Our whole team is fully energized by this weekend’s signs of renewal and hope!

Following up on our friend Mpho, her podcast “@journeywithmpho” recorded last week in our lounge and is live now at all the places listed below. Wonderful! Titled “Three Foodie Couples in a Room” and subtitled to feature support for local businesses, the podcast is a real treat. The group dived head-first into the delightful macarons brought to us by @graciescakesandmore, which are sold daily at The Collective.

Building up our weekend lineups for the weeks ahead. Please see fresh updates to our Calendar page. Be on the lookout for Halloween Art for Kids with Nadia (sign ups here), and more live music on the weekends.