April 6, 2021

We have climbed through the Tiers (Tears?) and settled into what has become our new baseline. Forced to dive out of the standup comedy scene a year ago, we have found that we love hosting live music Sundays on our lanai. Aligned with the neighborhood shopping markets, our late-morning live music has added the welcoming sounds of LIFE after such a demented year. The musicians appreciate your clapping, your ears, and your attention, as well as a small tip if you can spare a little bread. These talented artists all play at cover-charge environments in town and all around, so the opportunity to walk-up and listen to them is a privilege we hope people come to enjoy. Please visit our calendar page to see who’s playing in April and May.

Additionally, we’ve continued to see great attendance on Saturdays at Miss Nadia’s children’s art classes — now underneath our terrific new awning. These wonderful make-and-take craft events have become a staple in our connection with the community. Please follow this link to read more about Kids Art with Miss Nadia.

Lastly, we’ve grown the tattoo shop to better accommodate 5 full-time tattoo artists and guest artists whenever opportunity knocks to welcome them to the group. With a smaller indoor cafe’ space, The Collective has focused on making sure our outdoor area is ready for you to enjoy covered cruising under the awning. Take care! Come through!