November 1, 2020

Thanks to word of mouth, coconut telegraph, Instagram followers, neighborhood markets, our staff, and the great artists we host, The Collective is looking optimistically at the month of Movember. Several highlights are confirmed on our calendar page, and yet we know that new surprises await us.

Yesterday, as one example, we welcomed a group out of nowhere, called the Aloha Knitters, who found the center-stage couches the perfect area to enjoy a couple hours of friendship, laughs, coffee, food, and KNITTING! What a lovely group of ladies! After essentially four months of closure this year, the JOYFUL SOUNDS of five women enjoying camaraderie and friendship was amazing. It is hours like these that were precisely what Lisa and I hoped to create at The Collective. And, while seating limitations are in place by City Tiers, we nevertheless welcome your group to come enjoy our lounge as the Aloha Knitters did today.

We also hosted Kids Art with Miss Nadia, and built out a calendar for these events that are fun, artful, and heart-warming. Next week, Nadia will move to Sunday, then return on Saturday the 14th and 21st. Sign up here!

Witches descended/ascended (not sure which) upon The Collective yesterday, as a preview of a big month ahead. “My Balls Kailua” debuted on June 28th with us, and we have managed to wind our way through COVID to continue to bring you their incredible energy and MEATBALLS. The ladies will be outside on our lanai on November 7th and 15th during Aloha Home Markets to serve their entire arsenal of deliciousness, and will begin recurring Tuesday afternoon Dinners-to-Go on November 17th.

Fighting back. Climbing out. Offering respite.

Slinging ink. Delivering caffeine. Keeping it real.

These are the THINGS. Come by soon!!!