We offer financing for the purchase of tattoo credit (all artists) and laser tattoo removal services

Financing with RepeatMD and Affirm financial services

The Collective has an app! With it, you can purchase tattoo credit in $200 increments, you can purchase and reserve laser tattoo removal services -- and you can FINANCE these purchases to pay over time. Financing is not required -- you can still use your credit card of choice or Apple Pay. But this capability allows clients to acquire services at The Collective while making payments on a schedule they can support. Why? Because we love you.

The application called "Patient Rewards" is the R-Arrow logo you'll find in the App Store. Download that, follow instructions, and wham -- you will have a new app with our white-on-black logo. Get $25 toward your next tattoo or laser treatment just for signing up.

Note: "Patient Rewards" takes its name from its typical usages around the world, which is generally in clinics.

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