October 25, we all know what year it is…

Yesterday, the Earth resumed rotating on its axis, the sun was shining, people were out together, and it felt like the good old days.  Probably at some point, we passed within illegal distances of each other, but when you have 11 socially-distant people in line for coffee, there is likely to be some flirtation with disaster.  Alas, we fight on as a society, normalizing, caffeinating, adding body art, and enjoying the menu of festivities we offered on Saturday.  Duncan landed a wonderful booking of @flohimusic for 75 minutes of majestic vocals and original music from Conor and Lou.  Our friend Julia hosted her wonderful creations of macrame and brass jewelry, and we teamed with the vibrant @alohahomemarket to shake up Uluniu Street.  Our whole team is fully energized by this weekend’s signs of renewal and hope!

Following up on our friend Mpho, her podcast “@journeywithmpho” recorded last week in our lounge and is live now at all the places listed below.  Wonderful!  Titled “Three Foodie Couples in a Room” and subtitled to feature support for local businesses, the podcast is a real treat.  The group dived head-first into the delightful macarons brought to us by @graciescakesandmore, which are sold daily at The Collective.

Building up our weekend lineups for the weeks ahead. Please see fresh updates to our Calendar page.  Be on the lookout for Halloween Art for Kids with Nadia (sign ups here), and more live music on the weekends.  Shaka.

October 20, 2020

Well, at last, we’re going to have an opportunity on Thursday to re-re-open the tattoo shop.  Lisa, Trevor, and Carly are appropriately in high demand.  Please head to our Tattoo Artists page here to see their work and find their links.

What’s been very gratifying for us is to begin to have events to populate our calendar once again.  The calendar page used to keep us pretty busy, updating names of headliner comedians, lanai musicians, or other events.  Sadly that page has been relatively inert this year, but have a look here and you’ll see that we’re taking Tier 2 and running with it!

Last Wednesday evening, we welcomed a true friend of the store named Mpho to record the latest podcast in her series titled “Journey with Mpho”.  It was a real pleasure to do so, and we look forward to continuing to support her podcast, her poetry, and her positive outlook!  Mahalo, Mpho!  www.journeywithmpho.com – also available via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Podbeam.

We’re grateful to the people who kept the business alive through the second shutdown — our staff and customers.  Be Good and Artful.

October 8, 2020

Please support Locally-owned, non-chain, mom and pop businesses.  Thank you.

July 12, 2020

We are grateful for everyone who comes into the store.  Our aim in these swirling times is to provide a place to enjoy a moment for yourself.  Be that a bagel or a talk with a friend, maybe a smoothie and time to catch up on email, or sitting comfortably with a good book — these are the things we offer in addition to top-level custom tattoos. 

Yesterday, a return to simpler times came in the form of the first Kids Art with Miss Nadia session since early March.  The students all enjoyed the chance to create art while Nadia provided her caring support and instruction.  With uncertainties galore with back-to-school topics, it’s possible we’ll expand the program to days other than Saturday mornings — just to give parents options on weekdays without school.  Keep posted or contact us with any questions using the ‘form’ on Nadia’s page.  

If  you are reading this and have not been to The Collective, please enjoy this short video shot by our friends Lucas and Adrienne of @hiyapawpaya which will give you insight enough to make you come in!! 

@janamaypurs — the girl with 7 jobs — is at it again, adding several fresh pieces of art to … our bathroom!!  Yes, Jana created a space unlike any other, which we affectionately call “The LOOVRE“.  It’s worth a look even if you don’t have to “go”.  

Please visit our TATTOO ARTISTS page and enjoy our IG pages for tattoo @thecollectivekailua and the cafe @thecollectivekailuacafe.  Contact the artists about your ideas, or write to set up a consult.  

Be Good and Artful.

June 24, 2020

Coming up to a full month back in operation, we can report that we’re happy with the changes we’ve made to the space.  Tattoos are tattoos — and other than the expansion of the artistic spaces, the tattoo shop remains as awesome as ever.  Most of our updates have to do with our Cafe’.  We have found that teaming up with local business is especially rewarding in these strange times. 

  • Please see more about One Love Bakery & Cafe, whose food and bakery treats have been bringing big smiles to returning customers.  We’ve brought in One Love’s personal pizzas, breakfast-but-lunchable quiche, and savory pot pies — after promising we’d get back to food again!  
  • Then … along came the meatball ladies.  We are going to host some fireworks on June 28th, of a Sicilian nature, and very delicious.  “MY BALLS KAILUA” is the brand name for Amy and Carina’s magical, family recipe for meatballs and gravy (sauce).  They will be serving and selling from our lanai on Sunday, June 28th, from 9am-2pm, during the return of the Aloha Home Market.  You can find them on IG @myballskailua — no kidding.
  • Our senior barista, Maryland, has developed our own version of a Keto-Friendly Bullet Coffee, sold at 16 ounces and made with our espresso, medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, Ghee, and Laird’s Superfood Creamer.  $5.95 gets you on your way to greatness!
  • In addition to new apprentice Ali, you may also see Victoria (who goes by Vic) behind the counter, learning how we do things.  Say hello to Vic, Ali, Duncan, Maryland, and Autumn, and we know you’re going to get a smile in return.  

Online ordering for food items will resume later this week via our website.  

Our new, expanded business hours (daily 8am-6pm) serve as a way to ensure not only more cafe’ availability, but also improved service to our tattoo clients.  Our cafe’ staff is equipped to help you no matter what brings you to The Collective, whether it’s a custom tattoo or a delicious latte’.  Ask our staff how we can help you.  

Stay healthy!

June 5, 2020

Lots of news after being open only a few days:

  • Welcome to Ali Fowler (@duckyxsparkles) as a new tattoo apprentice.  Ali will be learning in the tattoo area, helping at the desk, and also learning barista skills in the months ahead.  Come say hello to Ali!
  • Today we posted a slick promo video by @hiyapawpaya productions.  Both of our Instagram pages have it — it’s worth a look and a like!
  • We’re supporting #savehawaiisbusinesses and #bevocalhawaii campaigns to help all our small business friends!
  • See this page for a limited time t-shirt offer (shirts shown below); help us out and grab these tees from a windward Oahu printing shop, and you’ll help jump start our business following the lockdown.  Sales page comes down June 24th