June 24, 2020

Coming up to a full month back in operation, we can report that we’re happy with the changes we’ve made to the space.  Tattoos are tattoos — and other than the expansion of the artistic spaces, the tattoo shop remains as awesome as ever.  Most of our updates have to do with our Cafe’.  We have found that teaming up with local business is especially rewarding in these strange times. 

  • Please see more about One Love Bakery & Cafe, whose food and bakery treats have been bringing big smiles to returning customers.  We’ve brought in One Love’s personal pizzas, breakfast-but-lunchable quiche, and savory pot pies — after promising we’d get back to food again!  
  • Then … along came the meatball ladies.  We are going to host some fireworks on June 28th, of a Sicilian nature, and very delicious.  “MY BALLS KAILUA” is the brand name for Amy and Carina’s magical, family recipe for meatballs and gravy (sauce).  They will be serving and selling from our lanai on Sunday, June 28th, from 9am-2pm, during the return of the Aloha Home Market.  You can find them on IG @myballskailua — no kidding.
  • Our senior barista, Maryland, has developed our own version of a Keto-Friendly Bullet Coffee, sold at 16 ounces and made with our espresso, medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, Ghee, and Laird’s Superfood Creamer.  $5.95 gets you on your way to greatness!
  • In addition to new apprentice Ali, you may also see Victoria (who goes by Vic) behind the counter, learning how we do things.  Say hello to Vic, Ali, Duncan, Maryland, and Autumn, and we know you’re going to get a smile in return.  

Online ordering for food items will resume later this week via our website.  

Our new, expanded business hours (daily 8am-6pm) serve as a way to ensure not only more cafe’ availability, but also improved service to our tattoo clients.  Our cafe’ staff is equipped to help you no matter what brings you to The Collective, whether it’s a custom tattoo or a delicious latte’.  Ask our staff how we can help you.  

Stay healthy!

June 5, 2020

Lots of news after being open only a few days:

  • Welcome to Ali Fowler (@duckyxsparkles) as a new tattoo apprentice.  Ali will be learning in the tattoo area, helping at the desk, and also learning barista skills in the months ahead.  Come say hello to Ali!
  • Today we posted a slick promo video by @hiyapawpaya productions.  Both of our Instagram pages have it — it’s worth a look and a like!
  • We’re supporting #savehawaiisbusinesses and #bevocalhawaii campaigns to help all our small business friends!
  • See this page for a limited time t-shirt offer (shirts shown below); help us out and grab these tees from a windward Oahu printing shop, and you’ll help jump start our business following the lockdown.  Sales page comes down June 24th