Do a quick online search for Hawaii tattoo shops, and you’ll find there are plenty of options. So how do you find the best tattoo studio? The right shop can make a huge difference in your experience, as well as the quality of the work. There are a lot of important factors, in this blog, we’ll share a few things to look for in a tattoo shop.

Cleanliness Of The Tattoo Shop

The cleanliness and sterility of tattoo shops are of the utmost importance. From the floors and walls, individual tattoo stations, all of the needles and tubes, to each step of the tattooing process, be sure to confirm the level of cleanliness. All the tools should be individually packaged and sterilized, unless they are multiple-use tools, therefore an autoclave is absolutely necessary. The shops tattoo artists should always have disposable gloves, too.

A Relaxed, Professional Environment

A relaxed, friendly, and professional environment can make a world of difference for your tattoo experience. Try to find a tattoo shop that has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Make note of how the employees respond when you first contact the studio. Are the polite and kind? Do you feel relaxed when talking with them? These are a couple things that will tell you how they run their tattoo shop.

Getting To Know The Artist

Depending on what type of tattoo you are getting, you’ll likely be spending a few hours – and sometimes more – with the tattoo artist. Therefore, it is important to spend some time before your appointment to get to know your tattoo artist, making sure they are a good fit style- and personality-wise. Look for tattoo shops that require you to make a consultation rather than walk-in tattoo shops so you have the oppurtunity to know your artist – it can definitely make your tattoo experience go much smoother and faster!

These are just a few things to look for in a tattoo shop that will make deciding where to get your ink much, much easier. At The Collective, a custom tattoo shop, we know what it means – and what it takes to be a great tattoo studio. We invite you to stop by our studio and see for yourself!